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Yellow Ribbon Program

The “Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program” is a provision of the “Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008.”  Under this program Mercer University has entered into an agreement with the VA (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) to fund tuition expenses that exceed Georgia’s highest public in-state undergraduate tuition rate for students receiving Chapter 33 Benefits and also have been approved as a Yellow Ribbon recipient through Mercer’s VA Representative in the Registrar’s Office.  Mercer University agrees to pay 50% of the remaining tuition and fees charges, once the Chapter 33 tuition payments have been applied.

Per U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs regulations, to receive benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program:

  • You must be eligible for the maximum benefit rate under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
  • Mercer University must not have offered Yellow Ribbon to more than the maximum number of individuals stated in its participation agreement.
  • Mercer University must certify your enrollment to VA, including Yellow Ribbon program information.  Recipients must adhere to all Mercer University registration and VA educational benefit policies and procedures to ensure timely processing.

For comprehensive Yellow Ribbon Program eligibility information, visit the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

For the Macon undergraduate campus, Mercer University will accept up to a maximum of 17 Program participants for the 2011-12 Academic Year.  Students will be allotted Yellow Ribbon benefits on a first-come-first-served basis up to the established student category maximum.

Amount received under Yellow Ribbon Program:

  • VA covers $15,215 fees per semester
  • VA covers $433.58 per credit hour (maximum tuition rate for instate undergraduate public school).
    • Example per semster:
      • 15 credit hours x 433.58 VA Per Credit - $6,503.70
      • Tuition $6,503.70 plus $300 in fees (i.e. facility and tech fee, lab fee, etc.) totals $6,803.70 (maximum amount VA covers without Yellow Ribbon)
      • Mercer Tuition for 12 to 20 hours equals $14,670, plus $300 in fees totals $14,970
      • Mercer tuition and fees $14,970 minus VA tuition and fees equals $8,166.30
      • Mercer will split the remaining $8166.30 difference with the VA and each pay $4,083.15.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Due to Mercer’s Merit-based Scholarships and HOPE being tuition scholarships, these scholarships will be cancelled and replaced with the Yellow Ribbon funds.

If you wish to apply for the Yellow Ribbon Funds, please contact the VA Representative in the Registrar’s Office at 478-301-2680.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of attending Mercer University under the Yellow Ribbon program?

  1. Free tuition.
  2. Yellow Ribbon pays for all University fees, excluding room and board.
  3. All programs on all campuses and online are available to Yellow Ribbon participants.

How do I find out if I'm eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program?

Please visit the VA's Yellow Ribbon Program webpage to determine your eligibility.

Can I share or give my Yellow Ribbon educational benefit to my spouse or children?

In some cases, the answer is yes! To find out if you can transfer your eligibility, read the information and follow the instructions found on the GI Bill website. Mercer fully participates in this aspect of the GI Bill, so if the benefit is transferred to a spouse or child, that person can certainly apply to Mercer.

Can I use my Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits if I'm on active duty?

Yes, you can. If you've served at least 90 days, you can receive a tuition benefit based on how long you've served. For more information, please view the Post-9/11 GI Bill Education Benefits.

If I'm not eligible under the Yellow Ribbon program, do I have benefits under the regular GI Bill?

The Department of Veterans Affairs has complete information on the GI Bill website.

I live in another state — can I still attend Mercer and receive Yellow Ribbon benefits?

Absolutely. You can live anywhere in the world and still receive a Mercer education free of charge.

What are Mercer's admissions requirements for Yellow Ribbon participants?

The same standards apply for anyone seeking admission to Mercer University. Please click here for a complete guide to admissions at Mercer.

What steps do I have to go through to apply to Mercer as a Yellow Ribbon participant?

  1. Review the VA's Yellow Ribbon website. This site gives you instructions regarding eligibility and applying for your Certificate of Eligibility through the Department of Veterans Affairs
    NOTE: You must start the process by applying for your Certificate of Eligibility through the VA. You may wish to seek assistance from your base Education Specialist, Family Readiness Center, or from your VA representative.
  2. Apply to Mercer and be accepted as a student. The application fee is waived if you apply online.
  3. Once you receive your Certificate of Eligibility from the VA, please fax, email, mail, or hand deliver the certificate to the Office of University Admissions.

What tuition will I be charged at Mercer?

Tuition is free for Yellow Ribbon participants whether you study on one of our campuses or online, full-or part-time. University fees are also paid by the VA which offers a book allowance as well.